Create Successful Mobile Application like Instagram

1. Photo-Sharing, E-COMMERCE APp and social network app

From filters, geotags, picture editing, built-in messenger, live broadcasts, smart feed, and recommendations. etc. Instagram has a lot of features that make it a successful app. It has developed into an app attractive to any kind of user, up to business owners.

2. How to make it?

First thing is to figure your Unique Selling Proposition, it is imperative to be able to compete. Secondly, plan out the basic features that an application must-have. For an app like this, posting and sharing pictures and videos is crucial. After this, feel free to add the features that will make your user experience better.

3. Successful Features

  • Experience and Entertainment
  • Utility
  • Usability

Basic Features for your app

  • Photo and Video Upload
  • Registration Process
  • Searching
  • Notifications
  • Furnishing your Profile
  • Integration with other Platforms
  • Interacting with Stories
  • The Feed


When you decide to create an application like Instagram, make sure you offer something of value. It will help you find your audience and avoid direct competition. To understand how to create an application like Instagram, you have to consider every little detail. There are millions of mobile applications out there. It’s important to create something unique and engaging.




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